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We offer professional veterinarian supervised accomodation for your dog or your cat. Please register your beloved pet early for the time of your vacation and holidays as available accomodation in our Tierhotel Rhein-Main is limited.

Of course your dog will be feed according to BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) and if you wish get regular dogwalks.

dog up to 39 cm
dog 40 to 69 cm
dog from 70 cm

regular day rate
7 Euro / day  
10 Euro / day  
15 Euro / day  
25 Euro / day  
35 Euro / day  
short term 1 to 3 days
7 Euro / day    
10 Euro / day    
19 Euro / day    
29 Euro / day    
39 Euro / day    

          [all prices including VAT]
Duty of care:   Our Tierhotel Rhein-Main agrees to take care of your pet with extreme diligence and to provide conditions appropriate to the particular species.

Accomodation:   The pet owner assures to have seen the rooms/kennels/compunds and explicitly declares they are safe from escaping.

Vaccination:   As a basic principle we only accept animals of good health and with adequate vaccinations. For evidence of the vaccination the animal owner provides the vaccination card that will be kept at the Tierhotel Rhein-Main during the duration of accomodation. With the delivery of the animal the owner assures the animal has all needed vaccination and is free from contagious diseases.

Identification:   Please note that as of August 1, 2014 we only accept animals that can be uniquely identified by a tattoo or microchip!

Illness:   In case your animal is falling ill while staying at the Tierhotel Rhein-Main we are entitled to consult a veterinarian at the expense of the pet owner.

Drugs:   For animals that have to take drugs during their stay the booking of single accomodation is mandatory as it is the only way to ensure the drugs will not be imbibed by other animals.

Damages:   Pet owners have to verify the existence of valid indemnity insurance for their animals. The pet owner is liable for all demages caused by the animal. This liability also includes damages caused by insufficient vaccination and/or contagious diseases of the animal at the moment of delivery, especially incidental costs for treatment and/or vaccination of other animals entrusted in our care. The Tierhotel Rhein-Main is not liable for damages without actual fault to the animal.

Payments:   All payments have to be made in advance, the full payment is due cash down the day of the animals's delivery. Partial calendar days count as full days.

Delivery and pick up:   You can deliver and pick up your animal in the morning between 8 and 10 am or in the afternoon between 5 and 7 pm. Please tick the correspondent box while making your reservation on our website!

Day off:   Wednesday is our day off, no delivery or pick up. Of course we care for your pet on Wednesdays as same as on all the other days, too!

Transfer of ownership:   Animals in our care not picked up 10 days after the date stipulated by contract become property of the Tierhotel Rhein-Main automatically.

With the reservation of an accomodation at the Tierhotel Rhein-Main the pet owner declares to accept the terms and conditions as stated on this website.

Please also take a look at our information flyer about the accomodation of your pet at TierHotel Rhein-Main!

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