Tierhotel Rhein-Main in Langen – Teichstraße 201 – 63225 Langen

Accomodation for Cats

In our “Tierhotel Rhein-Main” in Langen (Hesse) between Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt, your cat is accommodated in lovingly converted and furnished living rooms with many interesting hiding places and climbing opportunities.

Furthermore, we offer a cat house which is only partially heated with direct access to outdoor seating opportunities, so even cats that are used to spend time outside will feel comfortable and can enjoy fresh air.

Accomodation for Dogs

In our “Tierhotel Rhein-Main” in Langen (Hesse) we offer dogs a relaxed and restful stay in a natural environment with lots of greenery close to the forest. Far away from urban noise and stress. Accommodation takes place in individually heated dog houses, each of which has a run of around 100 m² in size, so your four-legged friend can move freely to their heart’s content and indulge their love of running.

If you wish your dog will be lead on a walk by experienced and qualified staff regularly.

Accommodation is possible in playgroups, but also as individual accommodation.