Information, prices, general terms and conditions

We offer professional and vet-supervised accommodation for your dog, cat or rabbit/guinea pig. Please register your pet for holiday care in good time, as only limited boarding places are available at the Tierhotel Rhein-Main.

Your dog will of course be fed BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) and lovingly cared for and looked after by us. The runs are large, so that the dogs can of course let off steam. Dogs that are to eat their own “private food” or dogs that are on medication should be booked as “single accommodation”.

For cats, we offer an extensive menu consisting of at least two different types of dry food. In addition, wet food in different flavors is offered twice a day. Cats are gourmets and so they should be treated. Please book BARF cats and cats with food allergies as “single accommodation”. The same applies to cats on medication.

Fresh vegetables and the best hay are always available for rodents. We also feed them species-appropriate food without cereals or ready-made pellets. The rabbits or guinea pigs of one owner are housed together, but without other rabbits/guinea pigs.

Pet acceptance and pick-up Langen daily from 8 to 10 a.m. and from 5 to 7 p.m. – Closed on Wednesdays
Pet acceptance and pick-up Münster daily from 8 to 10 a.m. and from 3 to 5 p.m. – Closed on Wednesdays
Pet acceptance and pick-up Egelsbach daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 to 5 p.m. – Closed on Wednesdays

Pet speciestRate / day (incl. VAT)
ornamental bird5 Euro
rodent smal (hamster, rat)6 Euro
rodent medium (guinea pig/pygmy rabbit)11 Euro
rodent big (Stallkaninchen)14,50 Euro
cat14,50 Euro
dog up to 39 cm29 Euro
og 40 to 69 cm43 Euro
dog from 70 cm53 Euro
Horse box with window100 Euro
Horse box with paddock120 Euro / day
Duty of care: The Tierhotel Rhein-Main is committed to taking the utmost care and keeping the animals in a species-appropriate manner during the care period.
Accomodation: The pet owner has inspected the accommodation rooms/kennels and explicitly states that they are safe from escaping.
Vaccination: In principle, only sufficiently vaccinated and healthy animals are accepted. As proof of this, we require your pet’s vaccination record, which must be kept at the Tierhotel Rhein-Main during the care period; the last vaccination must also be at least 21 days old. By handing your pet over to our care, you guarantee that your pet is sufficiently vaccinated and that it does not suffer from any infectious diseases.
Identification: We only accept animals with pet identification (tattoo or chip). If you wish, you can have your pet chipped when you bring it to us. The cost for chipping is XXX euros.
Illness: In case your pet falls ill during its stay with us, the Tierhotel Rhein-Main is entitled to commission a veterinarian to carry out treatment at the pet owner’s expense.
Drugs: Individual accommodation must be booked for pets that to take medication during their stay with us, as this is the only way to ensure that these medications are not ingested by other animals.
Damages: The accommodated pet must have valid liability insurance. The keeper/owner is liable for all damage caused by the animal. The keeper/owner shall also be liable for any damage caused by inadequate vaccination of the animal or an infectious disease of the animal present when the animal is handed over to our care; in particular for any costs incurred for vaccination or treatment of other animals in our care due to such a disease. No compensation can be claimed for damage to the animal that occurs through no fault of the Tierhotel Rhein-Main.
Payments: All costs have to be paid in advance, the full pension fee is due cash on the day of the animals’s delivery. A full daily rate is charged for each calendar day that the animal remains in the Rhein-Main animal hotel.
Delivery and pick up: To bring and pick up your animal, please specify the desired time when making your online reservation.

If the booked time changes, we ask that you notify us in advance (at least 1 day in advance).
Day off: We are closed on Wednesdays; no acceptance or pick up is possible on this day.

Of course, your animal will also be lovingly looked after and cared for on Wednesday!
Transfer of ownership: Animals in our care not picked up 10 days after the date stipulated by contract become property of the Tierhotel Rhein-Main automatically.
Photo service: The images created and transmitted by us as part of the photo service remain our copyright, but the recipient is granted a simple right of use for private and non-commercial purposes.

With the reservation of an accomodation at the Tierhotel Rhein-Main the pet owner declares to accept t terms and conditions as stated on this website.

Please also take a look at our information flyer about the accomodation of your pet at TierHotel Rhein-Main!